Why Our Community Loves Camp Wekeela -and you will too!

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Happy February!  The month of Love! Love is so important in this world. There are so many reasons to love summertime in Maine. The warm sun and the fresh smell of pine in the air combine for an incredible setting. Maine is also the place where the American tradition of summer camp all starts. 

When a child attends camp in Maine, they can spend hours on beautiful natural lakes with pine-lined beaches. They learn to swim, sail, and ski in the perfect environment – with huge stretches of beach and water (and sometimes entire lakes) reserved for camp use. The Maine forests that surround many camps provide incredible environments for first camp outs (and the necessary firewood for s’mores). The summer sun in Maine is the perfect companion to a game of soccer or softball played on sprawling lawns. Summer in Maine is a magical time for many – especially children who spend time at camp here. Maine has deeper forests, bigger lakes, more rugged mountains, and longer rivers than the rest of New England and nearly 3,500 miles of coastline and the great outdoors. 


We asked our camp community this month to help us out and tell us the reason they LOVE Camp Wekeela! Hear from our community about what makes our wonderful camp so amazing:  (We have blurred the handles for safety).








Now here are the Top 10 Reasons Anyone can Love Camp Wekeela: 

  1. Life Long Friends — Children come to summer camp to make memories and friends. The friends that are created at camp will last forever. 
  2. Participate in activities that are all about fun and learning — Wekeela exposes our campers to 8 different activity areas (Waterfront, Waterski/Wakeboarding, Tennis, Performing Arts, Culinary Arts, Creative Arts, Sports, and Outdoor Adventure). Every day offers something new or the chance to do more of what you love to do!
  3. Learn to do things you have never tried before — campers love the support they get from their counselors to try new foods, sports, activities, etc.
  4. The Counselors at Wekeela  will become your big brothers and sisters — 50% of our staff are former campers and know what it’s like to be in our camper’s shoes at camp. These role models are so important for the development of our campers!
  5. The break from technology — this is a gift that will go farther than you can imagine.
  6. Wekeela is a diverse and inclusive community — with campers and staff from 24 U.S. states and 19 countries, Camp Wekeela is a place where differences are celebrated and others won’t judge you.  A core value is being inclusive & kind. 
  7. The natural environment is beautiful — The fresh air, high trees, and sunshine make for the perfect summer setting. 
  8. Gaining independence and responsibilities — this gives so many of our campers (regardless of their age), the perfect opportunity to grow and become amazing people. 
  9. Camp can become your home-away-from-home — Camp Wekeela is a safe place where everyone is valued and cared for. Wekeela can be a home for all of our campers and staff. 
  10. Overcoming fears — There is nothing like seeing a child climb the climbing wall to the top or get up on water skis for the first time. Camp Wekeela helps our campers know they can do anything in this world!