Wekeela’s 5 Tips for a Family Fall

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It is officially that time of year again; time to put on your corduroys, grab a Pumpkin Spiced Latte, and jump in some leaves! We hope the turn to the autumn season finds the Camp Wekeela community well.

Here in New Jersey, we have always felt that we are fortunate to have seasons. It’s a perfect opportunity for us to recharge and regroup. Fall is a time to celebrate our summer successes. It’s a time to invigorate and align ourselves to the cycle of preparing for summer 2019 where we will develop healthy, happy, and confident children.


Below are the Camp Wekeela 5 Tips for Enjoying Fall as a family!

  • Go to a Farmer’s Market.

Staples of the fall and early winter, farmer’s markets are wonderful places to support your local community, try new foods, and meet new people. Going as a family can be great on a Sunday morning to get out of the house and enjoy the weather, have some good food, and have fun!

  • Go apple/pumpkin picking.

An absolute classic of the fall, apple and pumpkin picking are great weekend plans. Taking awesome photos as a family, enjoying some crisp apples or a perfect pumpkin can really make a weekend. Also, don’t be afraid to chop them up and make a delicious apple or pumpkin pie!

  • Take a family portrait outside.

Fall fashion is great. Throwing on a flannel, some cords, and a nice pair of Maine L.L. Bean Boots can make your Autumn style. Our tip, take a great family photo like the families below (who did family portraits at Camp Wekeela with Jessica from Lost in Reverie Photography) last October!

  • Play a family game of football, soccer, baseball, basketball to celebrate the sports seasons returning.

One of the best parts of the Fall is the sports. The MLB Playoffs and World Series; NHL Hockey and NBA basketball return; and NFL Football is in full swing. Our tip, drawn some end-zones in your backyard and throw a ball around as a family or any other sport your family enjoys. The bonding, the fresh air, and the fun will be a great way to pass the time together!

  • Use leaves as decoration for cool home-crafts.      

One great thing about the fall is the beautiful foliage and color changes of the trees, especially in Maine! However, one downside is the enumerable amount of leaves that fall, leading to raking and piles of leaves. Yes, you can always jump into the leaves, but another great idea is to collect some and use them as fall decoration crafts. I am sure we could do some awesome things in Creative Arts at Camp Wekeela, but finding great fall-craft ideas online is always great! Get creative!


Honorable mentions: Carve a pumpkin; go trick-or-treating as a family; take a family trip to Maine or parts of New England to see the beautiful foliage

As the leaves turn and drop and the cool air provide signs of a season change, we hope you take time and reflect on the good and positive things in your lives. It is a privilege to be youth development partners with our Wekeela parents.



Make fall priority to re-enroll for summer 2019! We anticipate a “wait list’ for certain age groups soon. Don’t get shut-out! Please reserve your child’s space.

Summer 2019 Dates:

☺Full Session: June 22 – August 10

☺First Session: June 22 – July 20

☺Second Session: July 21 – August 10


Friday, July 19, 2019

* Reserve your lodging now!


We are delighted to see that veteran and new campers are enrolling. Thank you! Enjoy the fall and we will see you throughout the Fall and Winter at the Wekeela Wednesday’s, Boston and New York Reunions!


*Photos courtesy of Lost in Reverie Photography