Wekeela Photos is live!

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Two options to see your child’s smiling face at camp this summer! We will be posting daily photos on two different servers: Wekeela Photos & Waldo Photos. 

In an effort to make your child’s camp experience as easy as possible, we are very excited to offer our brand new photo service, Wekeela Photos. Our own service, Wekeela Photos, is located on our website at https://www.campwekeela.com/photos/ and is free to you. You will be able to view all of the magic of camp and share with your family and friends! The password protected site is a new one-stop-shop for all your camper’s photos. 


For the parents that want a little extra convenience and be able to find their child’s picture faster, check out Waldo Photos, the amazing facial recognition software that sends your child’s camp photos right to your phone. Waldo is an optional service that requires a subscription.

You can read about each option below:Waldo Logo

Wekeela Photos Flyer

Wekeela Photos

  • Located on the Wekeela website: https://www.campwekeela.com/photos/.
  • Daily photos will be posted and organized by day and week.
  • You will have the ability to search for photos by tags of: activities, age groups, and events at camp;
    • ex: Middie Girls, Waterfront, Color War, etc.
  • You will have the ability to post to social media automatically.
  • High Speed downloads.
  • High quality photos.
  • Post of our daily activities, weather, menu, and more!
  • Free for registered parents!
  • Password protected. The password is the same as the forms and waivers page for registered parents. 


Waldo Photos

  • Waldo provides Optional Facial Recognition Software. Waldo is only available for registered families.
  • With Waldo’s exciting and powerful technology, photos of your child will be sent immediately to your phone for instant share and gratification.
  • Your account is shareable for up to 6 family members and friends.
  • Prices per camper, set by Waldo Photos:
    • Full: $59.99; First: $44.99; Second: $34.99; Rookie: $24.99
  • 50% of proceeds are donated to camp related charity opportunities.

Text WEKEELA2019 to 735-343 to sign up.