Wekeela 2022 Reflections at the end of July

As always the summer flies by so quickly. Considering what our children have endured these past 30 months, they need summer camp more than ever. That being said, we at Camp Wekeela for Everyone are glad, with everything that’s happening in our world, that places like summer camp, specifically sleepaway camp exist. We are so proud of Camp Wekeela! Our staff have been incredibly dedicated and passionate. Our campers are resilient and simply wonderful!

We have had some amazing highlights like our incredible first session play Camp Rock; the best USA v. World game of all time (6-5 World in a thriller ending in P.K.),  and Wekeela Showcase. Some new activities like the Great American Splash, Monopoly, and Passport to the World tied in with Wekeela classics such as Gladiator, Bear Hunt, College Weekend, Campfires, Bunk/Division Nights, and our Fireworks! The summer has sped by but are so grateful to the amazing campers and staff we have here at Wekeela who make every single day memorable! We are so grateful to our staff in the Dining Hall, Health Center, and Maintenance for making Wekeela a safe, well fed, and beautiful place to be this summer!
People often talk of leaving camp to go “into the real world.” In our eyes, Summer Camp can and should be the example for what the ‘real world’ should be.  It’s a world where everyone is accepted and no one is judged by superficial characteristics. It’s a world where songs sung together in fellowship still contain a magic that simply cannot be described eloquently. It’s a world where lying on your back, gazing at the stars (especially in Maine) can be the best memory ever. It’s a world where a few weeks together can create a stronger bond than years together in a classroom. It’s a world where your “color war” color is so MUCH more important than the color of your skin. It’s a world where your village is more important than your gender identity. It’s a world where you’re defined by who you are and what you are. In short, it’s the real world we all should be building together. If only we could all bottle that indescribable camp feeling and share it with the world; it would be a much better place
Soon, we will all be back in the real world. And all I can think is, if only the world were like a summer camp, or like Wekeela! Far from strife and care, lies the haven of our dreams, Wekeela Camp so fair. Wekeela Camp, There she lies, Under skies so blue.

Why can’t the real world be more like Camp?