Getting the New School Year Off to an Organized Start! 5 Tips!

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New School Year, Get Organized!

5 Tips Getting the New School Year Off to an Organized Start

We hope your children have made a smooth transition back to school, but still have warm memories of a terrific summer. those memories still fresh, the new school year is a great time to adopt new, organized habits. Here are Camp Wekeela’s 5 tips and ideas to help you stay organized, fresh, and excited this school year!

  1. Don’t go overboard! Transitions can be hard, so make sure you child feels confident in their new grade, school, or class! Avoid doing too much in order to help your child adjust to new surroundings.
  2. Create a master calendar for your family to best schedule your days. No matter the size of your family, back to school also means back to school routines, with sports practices, music lessons, tutoring, and many more things to juggle.  Keep the calendar in a central location so family members can add new items as they come up or create a digital calendar.  
  3. Get into a good sleep schedule. One of the amazing things about camp is the activities, but children need rest to keep their mind sharp. Make sure any late night habits created by a summer schedule are replaced by good habits for school. Establish an evening routine that prepares them for the next day.
  4.  Before bed, have them gather their homework assignments and anything special they might need for school the next day – team uniforms, band instruments – into their backpacks. Encourage your kids to get out the door with everything they need.
  5. Limit Screen Time. Many families will allow “screen time after all homework is done.” That can lead to good and bad routines. It can be bad if your child rushes through their homework to play on an iPad and does not fully comprehend the material in their homework. Take advantage of the nice weather and encourage playing outside after homework and minimize screen time.

From Bunkmates to Classmates!

Time to take a look at the former Wekeela Campers/Staff that are now classmates in college. We always say that camp friends are forever friends and it’s true again! We are so proud of the following former campers who are now classmates or roommates at college!

Sarah & Izzy: University of Colorado

Kathryn & Hannah: Syracuse University

Eli & Audrey: Vanderbilt University

Gabe & Josh: University of Central Florida

Drew & David: University of Michigan









Here’s to an awesome school year for all our Wekeela Pioneers!


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