Camp Wekeela for Boys & Girls Ranked the #1 Summer Camp in Maine!

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Thank you to our friends over at the Summer Camp Hub for recognizing Camp Wekeela as the #1 summer camp in Maine!

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It’s hard to imagine finding anyplace better than Maine to spend a summer as a child, sleeping away at camp and soaking in everything the place has to offer. The big struggle parents have when choosing summer camps has nothing to do with there being too few to pick from, but that there are so many.

Each and every year kids from around the country (and from around the world, for that matter) come to Maine to spend the summer, staying at any one of the hundreds of camps dotted throughout the state – some of them with histories that stretch back more than 100 years.

Here is a list of reviews on some of the most fun summer camps in the state of Maine.

Top Summer Camps In Maine 2020

#1 Camp Wekeela

Camp Wekeela is a sleep-away camp for boys as well as girls between the ages of 6 and 16 and has a tremendous staff to camper ratio of 1 staff member to every 2.5 children that are spending the summer here. The camp has been around since 1922 and is currently family run.

Diversity and new experiences are a huge piece of the puzzle for those that are sending their children here for the summer, with staff and campers from 27 states and 20 countries.

A wide variety of sports and activities, outdoor and environmental education programs, performance and culinary arts programs, and so much more are on the slate at this camp. This camp has fresh look and feel while also maintaining that classic camp environment, with children here getting one of the best Maine summer camp experiences you can have in the state.

Thank you Summer Camp Hub!

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