Hello from Camp – Start of of Camp Wekeela 2022

Hello from Camp Wekeela 2022! Our campers & staff have been incredible – we absolutely love this group!
We are off to an incredible summer! The kids are having a blast and the weather has been great heading into the holiday weekend!
Here are your contacts for all things Wekeela – please use these as reference when you have a question for us.
We will answer your emails within 24 hours, or forward your email to the appropriate person.
Health related questions, medicine, allergies, diet: healthcenter@campwekeela.com
Billing, Invoices, finances, forms – admin@campwekeela.com
Transportation – transportation@wekeela.com
Mail, bunk notes, phone calls and all office related questions: summeroffice@campwekeela.com
Specific questions about your child: Parentliaison@campwekeela.com
Kids Camp and Teen Camp Head counselors: headcounselors@campwekeela.com
Photo Questions: photos@campwekeela.com
WekeelaWear questions: wekeelastore@campwekeela.com
The main summer camp office number is 207-224-7878
Health Center is 207-224-7878 x310