Excitement for Camp Wekeela 2024

Welcome to June, in our opinion, the best month of the year! As we write this, we are buzzing with excitement on  the shores of Little Bear Pond with anticipation of the beginning of the start of Wekeela 2024. We have a lot to do in the weeks ahead as we wait for the start of our season on June 22nd. Very few get the experience to be at Camp Wekeela during the peaceful calm of the days/weeks before June. Our family has the unique opportunity to venture to Maine early and spend our days with our maintenance team, breathing in the fresh air of the pines. Every day more and more gets done here at Wekeela. Our pre-camp staff begins to arrive on June 5th, then our Outdoor Adventure team arrives June 9th, our administrative staff arrive on June 11th and the majority of our staff will be here on June 13th.


 Most summer camp professionals understand the importance of these early days, to help staff assimilate to camp and settle before our campers arrive. The challenge of this becomes more palpable as arrivals trickle in – as two staff become five, and finally when our entire staff of over 130 are working in unison to get the campus ready for our campers. We always say at camp that one day feels like a week. There is no greater feeling of this than in Staff Training and Orientation. Our staff, mostly strangers, work together and build relationships and friendships that will last a lifetime. The same goes for the campers when they arrive. While that first day can be overwhelming, the magic of a few staff in early June, morphing into 400 individuals in just a twenty  day span is incredible. Our campers and staff all share the common goal to have a worthwhile and meaningful summer camp experience at Wekeela, our summer home.

This summer, the 102nd summer of camp at 1750 Bear Pond Road, we have so much to be excited for. We are excited for the return of Intercamps activities. We are excited for incredible teen Trips to Boston, New Hampshire, Montreal, and our first ever to Puerto Rico. We are excited for the most diverse geographic staff and campers ever! We cannot wait for our 2024 Seniors group to be leaders and role models to our younger campers. We are excited for our Junior Counselors and Leaders in Training to continue their Wekeela journey. We are excited to welcome our newest campers to the Wekeela experience and embrace all our returner campers with high fives and hugs. We cannot wait for  staff who have not been through this experience before to get here. We also welcome back staff who make a difference in the lives of our campers year after year. We are enthusiastic to hear the laughs, cheers, chants, and noise in our dining hall. We are excited for all the face paint, dress up, and crazy outfits that no one ever judges you for. Campers will be learning a new skill or may sing in front of others for the first time. We welcome the hugs, the unbreakable bonds of friendship that get formed in just a few days or hours. Bring on the rocks and the roses, the Thank a Brother/Sister, and the silly questions that come from Rituals. Most of all we cannot wait for those buses to come down the hill and get our summer started in just a few days time! 

Here’s to summer 2024 and the amazing experience we have ahead of us!