End of Summer 2021 Reflections

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What an outstanding summer!
Operating a sleepaway camp during a pandemic these past two years was (is) no easy task.
For the second year in a row, our amazing campers & staff showed their resiliency, adaptability, and spirit. Wekeela campers and staff are so special – they have a will to make the summer amazing and create a second home for everyone.
A few things made this summer, our 25th Year at Wekeela and the 99th Wekeela Summer extra special. We persevered through challenges that hit the entire camp industry; extremely hot weather: extremely wet weather; and more. We’d like to thank our Seniors, LITs, Junior Counselors, and Former Campers that are now Staff, a group that was raised up in the sleepaway camp culture that they exuded in every minute of throughout the course of the day and night all summer long. It has been an honor to see you all grow whether for 10 years or 1. Our entire camp, from the youngest freshman to the oldest LIT, threw themselves into it. We saw the most amazing growth in so many of them, and they really came into their own as people, leaders and a team. Our staff was dedicated, hard working and passionate. They were flexible when asked to be and spontaneous often. Lori and I couldn’t be more proud of our 2021 Wekeela community. And are filled with love, joy and happiness. As one of our alma maters for Color War stated, we are grateful that “this extended family is home”.
So, Pioneers, be like a pineapple. Stand tall. Wear a crown. Be sweet on the inside! Always stay humble and kind.
Have a great rest of the summer. Here’s hoping for a fantastic new school year too.
Stay safe and healthy everyone.
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