Please see below to see our space for each session for this summer. We expect our age groups to fill up by soon. If you would like to be added to a wait-list, please contact us. To enroll, click here.

Please Note: We have a waitlist in all age groups at this time. Please feel free to call 201-612-5125 to be added to our waitlist or to inquire about available space for your child. 

We have completed our 2021 bunking. . Please call us if you have a question.

Availability First Session Second Session
Freshman Boys (Current K-3rd Grade) 5 6
Freshman Girls (Current K-3rd Grade) 7 6
Sophomore 1 Boys (Current 4th Grade) 13 8
Sophomore 1 Girls (Current 4th Grade) 14 9
Sophomore 2 Girls (Current 5th Grade) 7 10
Sophomore 2 Boys (Current 5th Grade) 5 4
Middie Girls (Current 6th Grade) 7 5
Middie Boys (Current 6th Grade) 11 6
Inter Boys (Current 7th Grade) 7 11
Inter Girls (Current 7th Grade) 8 12
Junior Boys (Current 8th Grade) 10 12
Junior Girls (Current 8th Grade) 11 0
Senior Boys  (Current 9th Grade) 15 12
Senior Girls (Current 9th Grade) 6 13
LIT Boys (Current 10th Grade)*must be full summer 8 8
LIT Girls (Current 10th Grade)*must be full summer 8 8



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