Hiking and Tripping at Camp Wekeela! New Mt. Washington Trip available now!

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At Camp Wekeela there is no WiFi in the forest, but we promise you will find a better connection.

When thinking of camp, one typically thinks of roasting marshmallows on a campfire under a beautiful night sky, while sharing stories and laughs. We believe that an experience like this is not only valuable for a child but also a memory that can last a lifetime. One of the best places for these types of memory makers can happen on overnight hiking trips that we offer our campers at Camp Wekeela. We believe that campers of all ages should have the opportunity to get off of the Wekeela campgrounds and onto the beautiful hiking trails of Maine. That’s why Camp Wekeela offers an amazing Tripping Program. It’s led by Sway Guerra, who is returning for his 6th summer in 2019. Sway brings his energy, fun-loving mentality, and leadership to teach our campers about the great outdoors and natural world. 

Sway has been an awesome part of the Wekeela family since 2012 and now gets to do what he loves, take campers on hikes every day! “My goal is to return every hiker back to camp safely and in positive space. I want my hikers to take advantage of the fact, that we are in a beautiful part of Maine, during a beautiful time of the year. I want to expand their comfort zone and their appreciation for the outdoors by taking a moment to appreciate the views from the top of the mountain or by stopping in the middle of a trail to enjoy that cool breeze on a hot summer day. I also want to express kindness and positive vibes on my hikes through fun ice breaker and exercises. At the end of each hike we should have taken only memories, and left only footprints.”

Sway and the Sophomores at Mt. Blue

The Maine wilderness provides our campers with so many benefits. Spending time outdoors provides: greater confidence, improved creativity and imagination, and reduces stress. There are plenty of trails in the Pine Tree State that are camper-friendly. All of our Wekeela trips are age-appropriate ranging from easy to moderate. At Wekeela, all campers have the opportunity to go on overnight or day trips. We build our schedule to ensure the opportunity for trips 3 times a week.  Kids Camp hikes are to places like Moxie Falls. It features one of the most incredible waterfalls in Maine. Other Kids Camp hikes are to: Bald Mountain/Little Concord Pond, Baldpate Mountain, and Mt. Blue just to name a few. Teen campers can climb Mahoosuc Notch, Caribou Mountain, and Step Falls to name a few. Of course, the rite of passage at Camp Wekeela is the hike up our very own Bear Mt, a 45 minute-mile long hike. The campers get to eat lunch at the top of the mountain and wave to their friends across the pond on the Wekeela beach front. The most avid Wekeela hikers are named Bushmasters. They get to explore Small Falls, a wonderful clear-spring fed waterfall and lagoon nestled between two distinct hiking trails.


This year, we are offering an optional trip for teen campers. The most impressive overnight, for advanced hikers is the 2-day trip to Lake in the Clouds on Mt. Washington. It’s a two day trip to Mount Washington’s eastern slope. It’s the highest and most visited destination of the Appalachian Trail. Wekeela campers spend the night at Lakes of the Clouds Hut. The cabin offers coed bunks and separate washrooms with toilets. The campers get a hearty meal and get on their way up the mountain! Our campers will tackle Mount Washington, hike Tuckerman Ravine or traverse the Presidential Ridge for views of the Great Gulf Wilderness, the Wildcats, and peaks beyond. Please register by completing our optional programs form at our portal. Space is limited.

All of these hikes and trips give our campers the opportunity to do something they may not get to do at home, which is the purpose of summer camp. Led by Sway, the Wekeela tripping program gives campers the chance to get out of their comfort zone, get some great exercise, connect to the natural world and of course, make unbelievable memories and friends! That’s what we are all about at Camp Wekeela.

To register or for more details about the Lake in the Clouds hike, please call 201.612.5125 or visit our website and click the optional camper program form.