300 Trees Planted in Camp Wekeela’s Name

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We hope you enjoyed your 2019 Legacy Yearbooks!

We were so happy to partner with TreeRing to produce our 2019 Legacy Yearbooks because TreeRing has a commitment to preserving and helping the environment! We were recently told that TreeRing and Trees for the Future will plant 300 trees in Camp Wekeela’s name! We are so grateful and excited for this! One of the deepest and most important beliefs that we have at Camp Wekeela is to care for the environment. That’s why we made big environmental steps the past few years, including: Eliminating ¬†Styrofoam; having more farm to table food; Partnering with Clynk Recycling, introducing environmental training as part of our Staff Training and more! We plan on continuing this commitment to sustainability and making Wekeela the greenest camp is can be in 2020! To read about the steps we made in 2019 and the 10 R’s you can at the following links:

What’s Your Favorite Color? Green, Green, Green! The 10 R’s!

Thank you to Trees for the Future and TreeRing!

To read the full release and see how many trees have been planted; click here.

To read more about how you can get involved with Trees for the Future; click here.