24 Things to look forward to at Camp Wekeela 2024!

Happy 2024! At Camp Wekeela, the New Year always brings us one step closer to our summer season! 2023 was a special year for Wekeela and we are always grateful for our amazing camp families, campers, staff, and alumni!

In 2024, here are 24 things to look forward to at Camp Wekeela, whether you are a camper, parent, or staff member!

  1. Camp Friends: The bonds you make at summer camp are some of the closest you can have. We cannot wait to see all our camp friends and make new ones this summer!
  2. Spending quality time on the Little Bear Pond – waterskiing, sailing, swimming, paddle boarding, and more.
  3. Reconnecting with nature.
  4. Campfire S’mores and repeat-after-me-songs
  5. Camp spirit – no matter what College Weekend or Color War team you’re on, the beauty of face paint, crazy outfits, and cheers at a camp are unlike anything else.
  6. Amazing trips – active adventures like White Water rafting and hiking and visiting beautiful places like Portland, Bar Harbor and Acadia National Park, the White Mountain, and Montreal!
  7. New & returning role models. We love the Wekeela staff and are excited for the special bonds our campers and staff will create.
  8. Having downtime to chill in our cabins or under pine trees hanging with camp friends, writing letters, and playing cards!
  9. Sports! Tennis, lacrosse, basketball, baseball, softball, soccer, volleyball, football, golf, hockey, gymnastics, equestrian, and more. Teamwork and healthy competition are huge parts of the success of camp!
  10. Arts! Ceramics, dance, theater, painting, photography, stained glass, jewelry making, woodworking, cooking, and more – it’s exciting to create, invent and experiment!
  11. Rituals – the special end to our Wekeela camp day! We cannot wait for the meaningful connections our campers and staff have!
  12. Intercamps – it’s great to be a part of a team and it’s cool to visit other camps for some friendly competition. Wekeela will bring back Intercamps for the first time since 2019 this upcoming summer!
  13. Evening Activities – Wekeela’s evening activities are so different from other camps, not matter if it’s a Bunk Night, Campfire, Bear Hunt, or Gladiator; Wekeela offers amazing night time activities!
  14. New projects/additions to camp! We can’t wait for you to see what we have in store 😊
  15. Disconnecting from your devices: getting off social media and technology – this will help our campers and staff to live in the moment!
  16. Learning new things – Camp is the perfect place for campers and staff to go out of their comfort zone. Take 2024 as a chance to reach for new things!
  17. Setting and completing goals –climb to the top of the rock wall, learn to wakeboard, sing in front of a crowd for the first time, move up a swim group, perfect a new tennis serve – no matter how big or small, setting and completing goals builds confidence and resilience.
  18. 4th of July Fireworks on Little Bear Pond!
  19. Friendship bracelets! Making, wearing, and trading new bracelets is a huge part of the camp identity.
  20. Seeing all our former campers that are now staff transition from being a camper to a counselor, over 50% of Wekeela staff are former campers!
  21. Our Leadership in Training community service projects to help our local community!
  22. Focusing on camp kindness and sharing gratitude every day during Line Up and Rituals. These make our camp community the strong place it is!
  23. Time away from home and parents, which builds kids’ independence – beneficial in youth, at college, and in life beyond!
  24. The shooting stars, the overtime goal, the card game that lasts all night – to all the unknown and spontaneous moments that can’t be predicted that will lead to lifelong memories for our campers and staff!

There are plenty of things to be excited for in 2024. Camp Wekeela is a special place and we cannot wait for these and so many other great experiences coming this summer!