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An Overnight Summer Camp in Hartford, Maine
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An Overnight Summer Camp in Hartford, Maine

When it comes to the perfect setting for a great summer, all roads lead to Maine, but only one leads to Camp Wekeela – the premier overnight summer camp for boys and girls age 6-16 located on Little Bear Pond in Hartford, Maine.

Our goal at Wekeela is to provide a fun, exciting summer camp experience that helps your child discover new talents and interests, builds self-esteem and confidence and gives them the opportunity to establish lifelong friendships.

What makes Wekeela special are the strong, loyal bonds we create. Our campers become like family. Long after camp ends for the summer, we remain in touch. Year after year, the vast majority of Wekeela campers return to renew the close friendships they have made and many of them return as counselors.

If you have any questions about our summer camp, please do not hesitate to call us. We look forward to speaking with you!

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  • Greetings from Camp! Posted on Wednesday 6th June, 2018

    Greetings from Camp Wekeela and the beautiful state of Maine. Staff have begun to arrive on the shores of Little Bear Pond. Soon we will begin our annual staff orientation, development and education week. Staff Week is the preparation and anticipation for the arrival of our Wekeela campers are filled with anticipation, excitement, discovery and all kinds of activity. Our goals during orientation are simple: we want our staff to feel comfortable with camp and prepare them to do the best job possible.

    A Camp Wekeela counselor, will participate in the art of giving. As champions, they will fight for and defend the campers’ rights to benefit, learn, and enjoy this rite of passage – the camp experience. At Wekeela, Once you are empowered with camp culture, skills, and knowledge, you will be motivated to lead your campers through an unforgettable experience which will forever change their lives. Our staff are shaping and influencing lives. What we do and say will impact the values of our campers; handle that responsibility with care, and be intentional. Our staff has the privilege to mold emerging humanity, to share purpose and place in one’s world.

    Staff Week sets the tone for the summer. Our staff has an incredible opportunity to teach kids, help grow their love for the outdoors, and to be role models. Parents, while very excited for their campers, are trusting us to keep their most prized possessions safe. The two most valuable gifts we can give our campers are safety and your time. And, yes, it is a huge responsibility! We tell our staff, you will never regret sitting down to talk with campers, joining in their games, or teaching them a new song.

    Wekeela is a place where staff are heard, appreciated, cherished, and empowered. Our Staff Week is a place where an incredbly giving and talented group of young adults meet for the first time and form life-long friendships. Wekeela is proud to have such a high number of returning staff and former-campers year after year. These relationships start at camp and are carried through every day. Today, we tell our staff, the more energy, time, and love you put into being a great camp counselor, the more you’ll get out of it.

    This summer our staff has an incredible opportunity to teach children, help grow their love for the outdoors, and be a positive role model. Parents, while very excited for their campers, are trusting us to keep their most prized possessions safe. The two most valuable gifts we can give your campers are safety and our time. And, yes, it is arguably the biggest responsibility our staff will ever have until they have children of their own. You will never regret sitting down to talk with campers, joining in their games, or teaching them a new song. I will always remember how special I felt to know how much my counselors cared about me. And trust me, those memories will never go away. Our staff have an opportunity to make a difference with every kid who comes through the gates of our camp. Hopefully, one day our campers will pay it forward too.

    As our campers and staff look forward to the beginning of Camp, please know our staff, are always available to ask for help when you need it.

    Here’s to a summer filled with great memories!!… Read More

  • Mother’s Day Meaning Posted on Thursday 3rd May, 2018

    May is an exciting time for Camp people of all ages. Campers and parents can feel the school year winding down and are excited for the upcoming summer. Camp staff are getting ready to complete their collegiate studies and go on a much needed break before they head to Maine and Wekeela. Camp Directors are continuing to collect all the important paperwork from camp families and making last minute arrangements in preparations for a successful season. If you live in a cold climate, during the winter, May brings us the long awaited springtime and flowers. In mid-May we celebrate all mothers. So it may be a few weeks early but I would like to wish a very Happy Mother’s Day to my amazing wife Lori, and all the moms past and present in the Wekeela community. Thank you for all the love you’ve shared and the lives you have touched. And now a message from Lori who gets to play Wekeela mom …

    I always tell my friends and family that I am the luckiest person on Earth.  I am so blessed to wake up every day with a purpose so deep and so inspiring. To me, it is my passion to make the world a better place for children. It is my miss​i​on to help bring joy to children and give them a special place to call their summer  home. Being a mother is my most important and proudest job. Like most mothers, I would walk to the ends of the earth for my three sons. Imagine knowing I would walk that same perimeter for my campers. I sometimes am overwhelmed at the notion that hundreds of children come through our gates at Wekeela and find a haven of love and warmth like no other. Only camp people get that notion.… Read More

  • Just Getting Started… Posted on Monday 2nd April, 2018
    Seniors 2016!

    Most children begin their summer camp journey at around eight years old. I started at twenty one months old. It was not my choice, of course. In 1997, my dad was offered the opportunity of a lifetime to work at a summer camp. My mom and I along with my two month old little brother went along for the ride. Little did we know that that summer would transform all of our lives. Twenty two summers later, Camp Wekeela has not only been my second home but a place that has given me a sense of purpose, amazing role models, a second family, a cultured, diverse sense of the world and best friends. Each summer spent at Camp Wekeela taught me new skills and life lessons; whether it was how to build a fire, how to dance without caring what others thought, or how to comfort a child in distress. Camp Wekeela was a catalyst for many amazing changes over the ten years I spent as a camper and seven years as a counselor.

    Downtown NOLA with the 2017 LITs

    When I had to face the uncertainty of post-graduation employment last spring, at the end of my senior year at Boston University, my decision was an easy one. With a degree in hospitality management and the experience working for a hotel my entire senior year, I pondered what was next for me. I did what everyone else was doing; I blindly applied to hotels and other venues related to my field of study. I went to information sessions. I went on interviews. But my heart was never really into those applications or info sessions or interviews. I knew that I wanted to live my dream of working for Wekeela. I had already planned to return that summer to run our Leaders In Training program with my kids- kids I had been with for 6 years now. Read More